Of Idols in Marriage & How to Break Free

My husband and I have been attending an evening class at our church.

Last week we were discussing worship and the speaker mentioned how idolatry – prioritizing something else before God – can creep into our lives…even marriage.

Of I dols in Marriage & How to Break Freee

I  couldn’t help but think about the formerly broken areas of my life.

And how even though I am now healed, I am tempted to make my husband priority over God.

Fixing ourselves

You see when we are broken, we crave a fix.

A quick fix.

We want our pain and discomfort to go away as soon as.

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Single Mom in a World of Married Women: What I am Learning

This is a guest post by Ciruu Kiniti. More about Ciruu at the end of the post.


I recently attended a married friend’s baby shower and as expected, the shower was honored by the presence of many married women.

Only myself and a friend I had dragged along, were single moms.

Single mum in a world of married women: What I am Learning

As I listened to the married women experiences, it came out that most of them had their husbands at the hospital for delivery.

I found myself wondering if they knew how fortunate they were to have their husbands with them at that very vulnerable, yet very miraculous moment.

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Building Our Marriage Around God’s Standard

Today please welcome my friend TC Avey as she shares a few marriage thoughts from her new book “The Precipice: When Everything We Know Ends” .

Have you ever read a story and thought you knew everything that’s hidden within its pages, until someone questions you about it from a point-of-view you’d never considered?

That happened to me… only I wrote the story.

Why we need to build our marriages around God's standards

Ngina signed up to be on my launch team and asked if I could do a post about my book related to marriage.

I was stumped.

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5 Ways You Can Build Your Marriage Today

My blog is called Intentional Today because I believe that a great marriage is something we build everyday.

As a young wife, I had many days where I grew “weary in well doing”.

I was tired of a myriad young marriage blues and longed for a break.

5 Ways To Build Your Marriage Today.

It takes a while to understand that you can’t really take a break from marriage.

There’s no “neutral gear”; a state of limbo where you stop putting intentional effort in a relationship.

I’ve learned  – and continue to learn – that in marriage you are either moving forward: making intentional effort/working on issues.

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Married? You Should Not Have a Pinterest Board called “eye-candy”

I want us to look at some things we should not be doing as early-wed  – and older-wed  – wives.

The kind of things that fall in to the “should not” and “cannot” category of married life.

Married? You should not have Pinterest board called "eye-candy" ..and 16 other things you should not do as a married woman

I am not writing this because I have arrived myself.


I am very much a work in progress in some of the areas (example # 7, 10, 14 )

I’d love for you share your “should-nots” in Comments below! Let’s learn and grow together!

16 things you should not do as a wife

1. You should not have a Pinterest board called “eye-candy”.

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4 Simple Ways to Keep a Healthy Marriage as You Pursue a Dream

This is a guest post by Zechariah Newman.  More about Zechariah at the end of the post.


Chasing dreams and goals will either strengthen your marriage…or tear it apart.

Pursuing dreams takes a lot of time and energy and when we don’t make intentional efforts to stay united, we’ll diverge to separate paths.

4 Simple Ways to Keep a Healthy Marriage as You Pursue a Dream

For a long time I chased my own dream and did not involve my wife.

All I thought about was what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it.

It was all about my dream.

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Purity Before Marriage Does Not Guarantee Perfect Sex Life in Marriage

This is a continuation of Mondays post “You can wait till your wedding night to have sex for the first time“.

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We’ll jump straight to Point 2

 2. Waiting (purity) doesn’t exempt you from having intimacy challenges in marriage

So you waited, and believed God would reward you with a man and perfect sex life in marriage.

And then you got married and been wondering where the reward went!

Purity before marriage does not gurantee a perfect sex lif in marriage

This is how we think the purity walk should play out:

Good girl = Perfect life.

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It’s Possible to Wait to Have Sex for the First Time on Your Wedding Night

Lately one of the most visited article on this blog has been “10 things every bride needs to know before her wedding night”.

I’ve looked at some of the phrases people are using to find this article.

And I’ve become more convinced that as a society we are guilty of emphasizing the wrong thing.

It's possible to wait to have sex for the first time on your wedding .night

The wrong thing we are emphasizing, is that it’s foolhardy to expect somebody, in this day and age, to wait to have sex for the first time on their wedding night.

We are taking God’s love for granted.

We’ve become a hush-hush generation.

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102 Marriage & Love Quotes To Inspire Your Marriage

I love quotes.

I like how with a just a few words, you can be motivated, inspired or challenged to look at marriage in a different way.

I’ve compiled a list of quotes and words from some of my favorite marriage bloggers (including yours truly ..and her husband! :) ), from comments left on my site and the general internet.

102 inspirational marriage and love quotes

I hope you get inspired, motivated, challenged as you read them..and smile and chuckle along the way too.

As always I’d love for you to share this post with your friends! Let’s spread this positive message on love and marriage!*.

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Dear Dreamer Wife, Why You Must Pause and Reflect

Many of you who read this blog want to accomplish great things both inside and outside your homes.

You long to create intentional happily-ever-afters, not just for your own enjoyment.

But for the sake of another wife or marriage that might need some cheer and strengthening.

Dear Dreamer Wife, why you must pause and reflect

Lately, God has been reminding me that in order to be a blessing to another wife or be impactful in any way, I need to allow Him to create my own story in even deeper ways.

I need to allow Him to teach me afresh and actively live out what He’s teaching me.

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