My Thoughts on Sexual Purity and 3 Reasons it’s Not Lame

I wrote these thoughts sometimes back, as the topic of purity lay heavy on my heart. If you have a single friend, please consider sharing this post with them. If you are single and want to read more singles-oriented posts, click here.

Lately I have been thinking about purity.

Maybe because my definition and understanding of purity before marriage is very conservative compared to what is widely preached in the western Christian circles.

Some of my favorite writers and preachers have been discussing what I consider to be a rather liberal interpretation of purity.

3 thoughts on sexual purity and why it's not lame

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2 Things We Did Not Do for our 6th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I turned 6 on August 16th!

Yaay for us!

(So now you’ll hear me talking about being in our 7th year of marriage! Hahaha. I love to stay current as far as our marriage-age is concerned.. not so much with my age! :) )

Here’s a quick walk-down memory lane.

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Here’s us, right after we started courting 8 years ago

2 things we did not do for our 6th wedding anniversary

 A few months to our wedding
2 Things We didn't do for our 6th wedding anniversary
Our wedding day!

2 things we did not do for our 6th wedding annivesary

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Are You Making these 5 Communication Mistakes in Your Marriage?

He comes through the door after a long day at work, kisses your forehead, heads to the bedroom.

You follow. And before he can hang up his jacket, you are on task #3 of “before I forget..” list.

Speeding past the glazed look in his eye, you hammer the last point home, breath out and ask about his day.

Are you making these 5 communication mistakes in your marriage

Another scene

You are hanging out with friends and hubby shares one of your favorite stories.

But that detail. He always has it off!

Why does he make you clarify these things, all the time?

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Wherever You Go, I will Go…

It’s not typical of this blog but I am knee-deep in my book edits  (you can read about that here ) and I thought I could share from my devotions last week.

I hope the Word of God encourages you as it did me.

Wherever you go I will go, wherever you live I will live

Some background

I started reading the book of Ruth on Thursday  – Chapter 1 Verse 1 to 18.

If you are unfamiliar with the book of Ruth, it’s a story of three women, (Ruth and Orpah, and Naomi, their mother in law.

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Your Husband Wants Your Respect, More than Your Love

I thought I knew all (or some’) about respect and how to give it to my husband.

Observing my tone of voice, seeking unity instead of my own way, admiring him and telling him how much I love him, being warm and affectionate and things like these.

In marriage, love and respect are not the same thing. but we don't always realize that as wives. Click to read more..

Then last week I read a post titled “How to get the respect we deserve when all she wants to do is love.”

Written by a husband, the post outlines the different ways a husband would like to be respected and how respect is different from love. (I’ll share the link to the post at the bottom of this post, please read it)

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Your Husband is Not the Problem

Sometimes in marriage, it’s easier to spot the speck in our spouses eye than the log in our own.

We are particularly gifted at it as earlywed wives – laser focus on his problems, lesser focus on our own.

We don’t see how our response to “his problem” affects our hearts and the condition of our marriage.

Why your husband is not the problem..

I was once a gold-star-level problem-spotter.

I could pray and agonize about my husbands issues, with very little focus on my own.

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10 Ways Wives Want to Be Loved

I read this sometime back, written by a father

“I see it in my daughters, I remember seeing it in girls growing up, along with my sister and even my mom in hindsight.

Girls naturally played with dolls, nurturing their God given instinct to care and love. They like all women loved with a strong passion to be loved.

Loved by someone special who would be willing to lay down their life for the purpose of true love.

It doesn’t seem to matter how old girls get… They’re still little girls who love deeply and yearn to be loved deeply. ” Floyd Samons

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Why We Should Stop Asking Single Women When They are Getting Married

One of my biggest pet peeve as a single girl was the question;

Sooo, when are you getting married?

I heard it from colleagues, some friends and family, even strangers.

Why we should stop asking single women when they are getting married..(7 Reasons)

And things haven’t change since I got married..

Single women still get asked the same question and it’s variations “Why are you not married yet?”, What, you don’t you have a boyfriend?! At your age!

Today I’d like to share some of the things I wanted to tell everyone back then :) And what I think many single women want to tell those that repeatedly ask.

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3 Ways to Support Your Husband as a Leader

Husbands need their wives.

I didn’t always get that.

Maybe because I had a strong dad, who didn’t seem to need much support or encouragement.

Or maybe I was just a naive little child.

Anyway I get married and we have a 12-hour drive ahead of us and I hope to sleep most of the way.

Husband doesn’t let me sleep and I begin to get irritated.

3 Ways to Support Your Husband as a Leader

Halfway through the journey it begins to dawn on me “He needs me“.

Talking, rolling down the window so he can stay awake, passing snacks. He needs me

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5 Things Not to Say to Couples Without Kids

My husband and I don’t have kids.

In almost 6 yrs of marriage we’ve had a fair share of questions and conclusions.

I’ve known couples who, at one time were trying to have kids, but were not blessed yet.

5 Things Not to Say To Couples Without Kids

We are not in that category and my heart went to them because they were trusting and believing and trying but weren’t blessed, but they had to field answers and explain themselves.

So here’s a few things I think we should keep in mind when we come across couples without kids…whether they have been married one month or fifteen years.

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