3 Reasons To Make Love When You Don’t Feel Like It

In my book Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-Ever-After In The Early Years, I talk about the different types of intimacy we need to cultivate in marriage.

I spend some time talking about sexual intimacy because that’s where many of us struggle.

Today I want us to look at why you need to connect intimately with your husband, even when you don’t feel like it.

3 reasons to make love when you don't fee like it

I know there are many wives who have the opposite problem; they want sexual intimacy but the husband for one reason or another, is not interested.

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7 Tips for Single Women Who Want to Get Married

Are you single?

Want to get married?

Here are a few “do-nots” when it comes to finding love.

Please note; This is not an accusatory list, more like “I wasn’t perfect at this either and someone needs a reminder, just like I did” kind of list :)

1. Pay the first bill..and most of the bills thereafter

I used to kick my heels at chivalry and everything with a whiff of “being taken care of“.

But at some point, I learned a girl has to lay down her warrior shield and sword and allow herself to be taken care of.

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Top 3 Parenting Tips From A Non-Parent!

I believe someone just fell off their seat at that title :)

Parenting tips from a non-parent?


Maybe this might qualify me

– I am someone’s child

– I have 9 nieces and nephews

No? :)

Top 3 parenting tips from a non-parent

Hear me out anyways.

Based off personal observation and things I’ve picked up in my non-parenting journey,

1. You are a star

Your kids might not think you are star. They might not say you are a star.

But you are a star.

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5 Things I Was Afraid of Before Marriage

Some single women fear marriage because of all the negative things they’ve heard about the institution.

Listening to them sometimes reminds me of my own fears from when I was single.

After observing several failed marriages and other unhappy ones, I too wondered about the possibility of a real happily ever after“.

6 things i was afraid of before marriage

Now that I am married I can assure the unmarried of these 2 things.

1. A happy marriage is a choice.

The same way you make a choice to live a happy single life is the same way you make a choice to have a happy married life.

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When You Don’t Trust Your Husband (5 Things You Can Do)

What do you do when you no longer trust your husband?

Maybe he did something that chipped (or stripped) that trust.

Maybe you are suspicious of something and you don’t know how to bring it up.

When you don't trust your husband, 5 things you can do

First let me say that I have never been in a place where I lost all trust with my husband.

I’ve had moments, especially in the early days when I wondered if he still loved me or cared for me like he did before we were married.

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Is Your Marriage Broken? 2 Ways To Fix It

Are you going through a season of brokenness in your marriage?

And by brokenness, I mean you have a situation that is beyond your control, a chronic pain you cannot fix.

Not for lack of trying. You’ve done all humanly possible but your attempts haven’t born fruit.

Is Your marriage broken? 2 ways to fix it

My husband and I experienced brokenness a few years back when marriage turned out to be a little different than we thought.

Marriage had it’s glories but we did not anticipate the dizzying dips.

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

If you are like me (you’ve been married a few years) you probably need some inspiration when it comes gift giving.

We might be early-weds but the birthdays and holidays and anniversaries add up pretty fast and take a toll on that creativity pool!

Gift ideas for Valentines

For me, last year was that year.

I could not come up with one single creative thing to give my husband for Valentines.

Being the no-fluff person I can be sometimes, I suggested we scratch the whole Valentines “thing” from our marriage.

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Drawing Boundaries For Your Marriage

Hebrews 13:4

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”

Often when we read these verses we think defilement comes from the outside, and only in the form of sexual intercourse.

Flirting, putting another man ahead of your husband e.t.c can’t possibly count as defilement, we assume.

Why you need to create boundaries for your marriage - a devotional

But defilement can be internal (originating from within us) and can be other things besides actual sexual intercourse.

When it’s internal, it can manifest as withholding sex as punishment for some wrong done. Or nurturing lustful thoughts towards other men.

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My Book is Here! Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-Ever-After In the Early Years

I am so excited to release my book, Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-Ever-After In The Early Years today!

I have poured my heart and soul in to this book and my prayer is that it will help change the dynamics of your marriage.

Blues to Bliss book: Teaching Wives how to create intentional happily ever afters in the early years of marriage

Why the book

I was only a few months married and I was ready to quit.

Not quit my marriage but quit working on our young marriage blues – the irritating, frightful challenges and stretches of new marriage.

I thought my husband and I were the only newlyweds who couldn’t see eye to eye on everything.

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For Wives Sex Begins in the Mind

We miss the entire point of sexual intimacy in marriage when we start looking at it like a chore, completely disengaged in the mind and just another thing to cross off a long to-do list.

Sometimes, we don’t know we’ve engaged chore-mode until we hit sexual blues and start looking at the root of our issues.

For wives sex begins in the mind

God did not create sex for your husband alone. He created it for you too. You are supposed to enjoy lovemaking!

It’s not something you do for your husband; it’s something you do together and for one another.

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