3 Reasons Your Husband is Not Mushy about Jesus

Months ago I attended a conference with many women in attendance.

In fact I could count the number of men present on my ten fingers.

Towards the end of the meeting, the conference convener talked about a future event she was putting together and how awesome it was going to be.

She put the awesome part in form of question

3 reasons your husband might not be mushy about Jesus

“Doesn’t (the event) sound amazing, aren’t you looking forward to it?” Or something close to that.

All the way from the back and seated right in front of me, a lone man let out his opinion..loudly and emphatically.

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5 Things that Limit Your Growth as a Wife.

“Everything that has life grows“, my pastor says.

These words ring true for marriage as well; that if our marriages have life, there has to be signs of growth.

5 things that limit your growth as a wife

If there’s anything I’ve learned teaching and mentoring wives, it’s that wives desire, nay crave, growth.

Wives don’t want to stress over the same things they were stressing about last year.

They want to praise more than they worry, trust more than they doubt.

They want to love better than they did yesterday.

But to grow in this way, we must overcome challenges, make personal changes and allow transformation to start from within.

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Help! I am Married to an Introvert! How to Work Through Personality Differences in Marriage

My husband and I are opposites in personality.

We have common core values and some of our personality traits converge.. but basically we are as different as light and day! :)

For those familiar with the DISC Personality Profile System, my husband is an introverted C/S and I am an extroverted D/I

Help! I am married to an introvert! How to work through personality differences in marriage

Snapshot of the  the DISC system

The acronym “DISC” is taken from the first letter of each behavioral trait

Dominant (D)

Influencing (I)

Steady (S)

Compliant (C)

As a D/I blend, I am a leader-type; direct, decisive, demanding, persistent, interactive, persuasive, sometimes-flighty, often lets-cut-through-the-chase type of person.

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9 Thoughts to Inspire Your Marriage Today

I am busy finishing the final edits to my upcoming book so I can hand it to the editor.

So today instead of my regular post, I thought I’d share a few marriage thoughts I have posted over in our Facebook community.

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9 thoughts to inspire your marriage today

9 thoughts to inspire & strengthen your marriage and life today

1. Submission

As wives we sometimes struggle with submission in marriage because we don’t know all the details of submission, before hand.

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Praising Through the Storms of Marriage

Last week I was looking at some old photos.

A little back ground; I was born and raised in Shags  – Swahili slang for “country” – and my husband was born and raised in the city.

(I have written about my upbringing here )

So I was looking at those photos and I thought “Lord, you have brought me from a mighty long way!”

Praising through the storms of marriage..because just because it's not perfect doesn't meant it's not good.
Unfortunately whenever I am going through challenges, I forget the distance I have traveled over the years.

I tend to see the things not done and the prayers not answered.

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Is God Instructing Your Marriage Today?

Last week I was visiting with my friend Barb Raveling in her podcast  and we were talking about my experience leaving Africa, settling down in the US and what God has been teaching me. (Click here for the interview)

I told Barb how I sometimes I struggle to help others understand God and deepen their spiritual walk.

And how, when I took that challenge to God, I felt like He said

“You can’t teach others how to be intimate with me (in the sense I thought I could). I am the only one who can teach people to be intimate with me”

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Single? 3 Things You Should Not Be Doing

This post is geared towards my single readers. Nonetheless there’s a lot we can glean from it as marrieds. As always please share the post with the singles you know, they need to hear this. If you are single, be blessed, check out more relationships and life posts here. And if the post resonates, please share it with your friends as well!

Sometimes, the easiest way to know what I should be doing is to understand what I should not be doing.

For example, the commandment “thou shall not steal” is plain and straight-out.

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When Your Husband Checks Facebook When You are Talking

Sometimes back my husband and I were enjoying a late evening date and talking about the previous year.

Rather I was talking about my year.

And my husband sipped his Chai tea latte, nibbled his Cinnamon crumble cake (and mine), nodded his head. And surfed Facebook

Yes, checked Facebook while I talked.

I did not want to make a fuss about it and continued talking, trusting he’d get that I needed his full attention.

When your husband checks facebook when you are talking

I talked some more.

But soon my hope-you-get-what-I-need hope was wavering. And I did (say) something I would not have done not too long ago.

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My Thoughts on Sexual Purity and 3 Reasons it’s Not Lame

I wrote these thoughts sometimes back, as the topic of purity lay heavy on my heart. If you have a single friend, please consider sharing this post with them. If you are single and want to read more singles-oriented posts, click here.

Lately I have been thinking about purity.

Maybe because my definition and understanding of purity before marriage is very conservative compared to what is widely preached in the western Christian circles.

Some of my favorite writers and preachers have been discussing what I consider to be a rather liberal interpretation of purity.

3 thoughts on sexual purity and why it's not lame

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2 Things We Did Not Do for our 6th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I turned 6 on August 16th!

Yaay for us!

(So now you’ll hear me talking about being in our 7th year of marriage! Hahaha. I love to stay current as far as our marriage-age is concerned.. not so much with my age! :) )

Here’s a quick walk-down memory lane.

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Here’s us, right after we started courting 8 years ago

2 things we did not do for our 6th wedding anniversary

 A few months to our wedding
2 Things We didn't do for our 6th wedding anniversary
Our wedding day!

2 things we did not do for our 6th wedding annivesary

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