4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage Without Knowing It

Sometimes my husband will do something nice and later I’ll catch myself thinking “I wish he’d do that…and this (insert other things) more often”.

I don’t plan on being ungrateful, but that’s the problem right there.

I don’t plan. I expect continued gratitude to flow automatically.

4 ways you might be sabotaging your marriage without knowing it

But the human heart is interesting.

When we don’t plan, we don’t do. When we are not intentional with gratitude, my heart slides down to entitlement.

You move from being awestruck and amazed that he took the trash out without being asked to wondering why he doesn’t remember to put his used clothes in the laundry bin.

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Your Husband Did Not Hurt You, Don’t Blame Him

I love Sheila Gregoire’s marriage blog and a while back I read this post, where she talks about a bad experience during a missions trip years ago.

During the trip she was harassed and touched by men.

I read the post and how she was affected and I identified with some of the things she talked about.

Your husband did not hurt you, don't blame him for the hurt in your past. More thoughts in the post

Because I have been through bad experiences in the hands of bad guys.

Not in the way Sheila did, but through mugging.

The reason I am sharing this today is because I did not fully understand my reactions (especially towards men) thereafter. Reading Sheila’s post stirred thoughts I had long forgotten.

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To The Wounded Wife

A few weeks ago, something happened to set off an old wound.

The wound is long healed, it’s not something that bothers me at present.

But that morning something happened and it broke me and I felt the churning of those old days burst open.

To the wounded wife - letting go of the wounding

For a time, I wanted to jump in and and start talking and going over and over the same old details.

I felt I needed to say exactly what happened and set the record straight. (Ps. it’s not a marital situation)

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Why Husbands Rock (And Other Lessons From Writing A Book)

I shared these thoughts on our Facebook Community recently.

If you are chasing a dream or trusting God for something, I hope you are encouraged.

why husbands rock

A few things I have learned from writing a book and chasing not-so-easy dreams

– It takes God

Any good vision will be beyond you.

You may dream it, want it badly but at some point it will overwhelm you, slip through your fingers, keep you awake at night, knock you over the head, drive you nuts, knock you upside the head again..and at times, die.

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The 2 Main Struggles For Early-weds

A few weeks ago I sat down with a good friend and over a meal talked about some of the struggles young marrieds face.

My husband and I will be married 7 years this August and when I look back at some of our early marriage challenges, I am grateful for God’s grace!

Because it’s His grace that enabled us to move forward when we wanted to camp at our challenges.

His mercy, new every morning, helped us overcome disappointments.

The 2 main struggles common in the early years. Can you identify?

No one gets married for the struggles, we get married for the joy and bliss.

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Travel To Kenya (with pictures)

Sometime in February, I traveled home to Kenya for a visit.

After long cold wintry days, the sunny days were absolute bliss!

There were many kinds of bliss – hanging out with my mum and family and friends! Eating whole foods, visiting places and meeting new people as I talked about my new book.

The adjustments

Now I was hoping to blend right back in but I had no idea how much I had changed, so I was in for a bit of cultural readjustments.

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3 Best Practices For When Your Spouse Disagrees With Others.

A friend of mine told me of this time she disagreed with another person (I am sharing with her permission)

Eventually their little disagreement grew and became a small face-to-face dispute.

It so happened that the other lady’s husband saw them talking and came to find out why they were so animated.

3 best practices for when your spouse disagrees with others

My friend explained the problem to him.

Silently hoping that he would see her point of view and explain it to his wife :)

The husband listened for a while but did not specifically take her side.

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3 Reasons To Make Love When You Don’t Feel Like It

In my book Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily-Ever-After In The Early Years, I talk about the different types of intimacy we need to cultivate in marriage.

I spend some time talking about sexual intimacy because that’s where many of us struggle.

Today I want us to look at why you need to connect intimately with your husband, even when you don’t feel like it.

3 reasons to make love when you don't fee like it

I know there are many wives who have the opposite problem; they want sexual intimacy but the husband for one reason or another, is not interested.

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7 Tips for Single Women Who Want to Get Married

Are you single?

Want to get married?

Here are a few “do-nots” when it comes to finding love.

Please note; This is not an accusatory list, more like “I wasn’t perfect at this either and someone needs a reminder, just like I did” kind of list :)

1. Pay the first bill..and most of the bills thereafter

I used to kick my heels at chivalry and everything with a whiff of “being taken care of“.

But at some point, I learned a girl has to lay down her warrior shield and sword and allow herself to be taken care of.

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Top 3 Parenting Tips From A Non-Parent!

I believe someone just fell off their seat at that title :)

Parenting tips from a non-parent?


Maybe this might qualify me

– I am someone’s child

– I have 9 nieces and nephews

No? :)

Top 3 parenting tips from a non-parent

Hear me out anyways.

Based off personal observation and things I’ve picked up in my non-parenting journey,

1. You are a star

Your kids might not think you are star. They might not say you are a star.

But you are a star.

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