10 Ways Wives Want to Be Loved

I read this sometime back, written by a father

“I see it in my daughters, I remember seeing it in girls growing up, along with my sister and even my mom in hindsight.

Girls naturally played with dolls, nurturing their God given instinct to care and love. They like all women loved with a strong passion to be loved.

Loved by someone special who would be willing to lay down their life for the purpose of true love.

It doesn’t seem to matter how old girls get… They’re still little girls who love deeply and yearn to be loved deeply. ” Floyd Samons

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Why We Should Stop Asking Single Women When They are Getting Married

One of my biggest pet peeve as a single girl was the question;

Sooo, when are you getting married?

I heard it from colleagues, some friends and family, even strangers.

Why we should stop asking single women when they are getting married..(7 Reasons)

And things haven’t change since I got married..

Single women still get asked the same question and it’s variations “Why are you not married yet?”, What, you don’t you have a boyfriend?! At your age!

Today I’d like to share some of the things I wanted to tell everyone back then :) And what I think many single women want to tell those that repeatedly ask.

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3 Ways to Support Your Husband as a Leader

Husbands need their wives.

I didn’t always get that.

Maybe because I had a strong dad, who didn’t seem to need much support or encouragement.

Or maybe I was just a naive little child.

Anyway I get married and we have a 12-hour drive ahead of us and I hope to sleep most of the way.

Husband doesn’t let me sleep and I begin to get irritated.

3 Ways to Support Your Husband as a Leader

Halfway through the journey it begins to dawn on me “He needs me“.

Talking, rolling down the window so he can stay awake, passing snacks. He needs me

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5 Things Not to Say to Couples Without Kids

My husband and I don’t have kids.

In almost 6 yrs of marriage we’ve had a fair share of questions and conclusions.

I’ve known couples who, at one time were trying to have kids, but were not blessed yet.

5 Things Not to Say To Couples Without Kids

We are not in that category and my heart went to them because they were trusting and believing and trying but weren’t blessed, but they had to field answers and explain themselves.

So here’s a few things I think we should keep in mind when we come across couples without kids…whether they have been married one month or fifteen years.

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My Impromptu Break and What I am Learning

I have been on a somewhat impromptu sabbatical the last three weeks and I haven’t posted any new article here, last two weeks.

While away I’ve been reminded about a few things, especially when it comes taking a break from things we consider ‘important’

1. We tend to grasp and hold on to things

Because we don’t know what else to do.

Because our identity is so wrapped up in what we do or what we have.

So we run all the way to the end of the line and find we don’t even have the energy to tie the proverbial knot.

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What I have Learned from My Parents 48 Years of Marriage

This is a guest post by Tabitha Musya. More about Tabitha at the end of the post.


1966, was a very good year.

She’s 23. A teacher by profession.

Slender then, she stands at a proud 5″6 inches.

She fusses a little with her fitting wedding gown, simple cotton with an occasional touch of lace.

3 Things I have learned from my parents 48 years of marriage

Nervousness and anxiety gets her counter-checking the hemming.

She tugs carefully at a stitch that took in a little more fabric than it was entitled.

She kicks up to see her feet. She bends to remove an imaginary speck of dust, stands and braces herself.

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My Top 10 Productivity Apps and How They Help Me in Marriage

Like many wives, my days can get busy.

I weave in and out of different roles and duties in the course of a day.

I happen to love order and systems – not because I am perfectionist in nature – but because I love efficiency.

I love doing things well and on time.  

In the course of time I have discovered a few tools that keep me productive and forward-moving.

So today I’d like to share my top 10 productivity Apps and how they help me in marriage.

My Top 10 Productivity Apps and How They Help in Marriage

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4 Ways To Get Your Husband To Do What You Want

I know. Corny title.

But when you think about it, it’s what we want as wives, right.

For hubby to do what we want, exactly the way we want it, how we want it, when we want it?

4 Ways to get your husband to do what you want.

But let’s be clear, … you can’t really make your husband do anything!

You might try manipulate or frustrate him to it.

But chances are whatever you want/need from him will not get done with the heart – or longevity – you desire

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6 Steps to Resolving Marital Conflict

This is a guest post by Lawrence Namale. More about Lawrence at the end of the post.


Marriage is not the design of men, but the wisdom, pleasure, design and plan of the Almighty.

Many young men and women dream of the day they will finally get married and ‘enjoy’ life with one another, exclusively.

But once they get married they quickly discover that marriage is a little bit more complex than they had initially imagined: it’s not exactly smooth and trouble free.

Yet marital challenges are inevitable in any marriage.

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Beyond the Wedding Night – 7 Tips for a Healthy Sex Life in Marriage

A few months ago, I wrote a post titled 10 things every bride should know before her wedding night. 

It’s been one of the most popular posts lately and I thought it’s time to write some follow up thoughts.

Because the wedding night is really the beginning of the rest of married life.

Here’s a few thoughts on how to create a happily-ever-after in the bedroom, beyond the wedding night.

Beyond the Wedding Night - 7 Tips for a healthy sex life in marriage

A surprising discovery for many newlyweds, after the wedding and honeymoon is the realization that sex, (the actual deed) makes for less than *10% of married life.

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