Ads and Disclosure

My goal at is to help newlywed wives create a grace-bathed intentional marriage.

It costs quite a bit of money to do that 🙂  and to help offset the costs, I use Affiliate Links and Advertisement displays.

How Affiliate Links work

When I mention a product (e.g a book, an eCourse) is an affiliate link, it means I will get a small referral commission at no additional cost to you if you click and buy the product.

I only promote products that I personally use or can recommend without hesitation.

How Advertisement works

I work with an Ad Company to display and manage ads on my site. I do my best to make sure only relevant and tasteful ads display on my site. All Ads are PG rated.

However, since the ads are based on user history (i.e they are based on your browsing history) I don’t have all the control.

All advertising comes with a “Report this Ad” button at the bottom on the box. If an Ad seems out of place and inappropriate (example of those Ads: swimming suits adverts, spying on your spouse Apps etc) you can help me weed it out by clicking the “Report this Ad” button so I can have it banned from my site.

Thank you for your understanding and support. You can read our complete Privacy Policy here.