When You Need To Believed (Not Handed a Bible Verse)

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Belief, rather than a Bible verse, is what many in high-stress and traumatic circumstances desire.

When they gather up the courage to share their experiences, they are hoping for an empathetic witness. Validation.

But often, they are met with anything but that.

Need to be believed

One of the main problems is that Christians were handed a belief system, but many are unwilling to explore what was handed to them.

Change – the kind that makes us curious and empathetic – begins where our beliefs reside.

If you’re unwilling to wrestle with what you believe, if you’re married to certainty more than curiosity, growth—in that deep, authentic way—will be difficult.

Instead of being a soft landing for someone longing for an empathetic witness to their difficult experiences, you instead lead with inflexible, rigid beliefs and points of view.

It’s the “Pray and trust God,” “Come to Bible study with me,” “You need to forgive and forget and stop talking about it,” “Remember you are also a sinner” that some people hand out when faced with a situation or experience they don’t understand.

Instead of curiosity, we whip out certainty.

Instead of empathy, we run to “fix.”

Instead of “I can’t imagine how that feels” we bleed platitudes.

And our fixed posture hurts those who need belief, not a Bible verse.

If you’re looking for an empathetic witness or are feeling stuck in your journey to wholeness, there’s hope and help.

Belief Not Bible Verse

Seasons of Healing (affiliate) is a powerful and gentle resource by my friend Sarah McDugal. Sarah is an author and clarity coach for women healing from toxic or traumatic stress.

I worked through Seasons of Healing last year and I found it profoundly clarifying and affirming.

You deserve to know the different stages of healing and what you need in each stage without all the noise.

The 90-minute guided system (with a printable PDF workbook, prompts and pro tips for your next steps) helps you go from confused and stuck to crystal clear on what you need. Check it out now.

when you need to be believed

Inside SEASONS OF HEALING, Sarah will show you…

  • how to identify whether your current season of healing needs to focus on safety, stability, or something else
  • the four foundational pillars of growth after toxic or traumatic stress that you can’t heal without
  • her four-question strategy to turn any difficult option into a regret-free decision
  • how to shift your mindset from victim to warrior without living in fear
  • her go-to process for avoiding harmful resources and tools


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