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Books and courses by Ngina Otiende to help you nurture marriage and  confidently address relationship problems so you can thrive. Elevate your marriage when you snag these practical tools and resources!

2022 Update: These books, courses and coaching are currently being revised and updated and are not available for sale.

Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily Ever After in the Early Years

Blues to Bliss - Creating Your Happily ever after in the early years

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Are you wrestling with the overwhelm of new marriage? Is shutting down, distance, passive-aggressiveness common place in your relationship? Do you long for the joy and happiness you had when you walked down aisle?

Or perhaps you are happily married but want to break out of average and mediocre. You want love deeper, understand your husband and this marriage deal you signed up for. My book Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily Ever after in the Early Years can help! Check it out! Amazon I Nook I PDF


The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy as a New Bride

The Wedding Night book

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The wedding night – every bride’s longing, yet often every bride’s source of butterflies and anxiety. The first night of marriage can be a mixed bag of emotions for most brides. A lot of sweet expectations but also a lot of tension.

I was terrified about my wedding night and seeking Godly wisdom to settle those fears and this is it! Ngina walks through all the necessary topics without getting too graphic, but still answering questions. She also points to scripture throughout the book giving the real answers and guidance.” Amazon review

But what if wedding night sex didn’t have to mean wedding night stress? What if we could lessen the learning curve and get you enjoying sweet intimacy with your hubby sooner than later? My book The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy as a New Bride can help! Buy on Amazon I Nook I PDF



Does conflict send  your spouse running for the hills? Maybe you’re frustrated because you can’t get your husband to open up: You are all “talked-out” but no closer to addressing the actual problem. Or perhaps you have good communication but you struggle with every-day marriage irritations and annoyances.

How to Navigate Conflict in Marriage is a comprehensive guide to help you address marriage problems so nothing gets swept under the rug and everyone takes responsibility. Connect with your spouse and take your marriage to the next level.

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Get the clarity and skill you need to navigate and overcome marriage problems so you can enjoy being married again.

Marriage coaching with Ngina Otiende - helping wives problem-solve and nurture marriage so they can thrive.

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  • Feeling overwhelmed in marriage?
  • Desiring to identify and overcome relationship obstacles so you can enjoy marriage again?
  • Longing for more fun and romance in your marriage?

Coaching with Ngina provided the space to freely share my thoughts and feelings without judgment. I was able to open up and identify specific areas I want to improve for myself and my marriage. Ngina gave me suggestive feedback and challenged me to dive deeper into things I wanted to process. We maximized the time we had together and I got better insights and understanding. I recommend her coaching services to anyone who needs a marriage coach! Lucy, wife

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Books and courses by Ngina Otiende to help you nurture marriage and address relationship problems so you can thrive!