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Please note that my books and courses are currently being updated and not available for sale. (Now available!) Courage: Reflections and Liberation for the Hurting Soul Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily Ever After in the Early Years is a resource that walks you through most of the pain points of a new marriage. If you are wrestling with the overwhelm of a new marriage or just longing to break out of average and mediocre marriage, then pick up the book here. The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy as a New Bride is a practical no-fluff guide to help engaged or newlywed women become sexually confident in marriage. Pick it up here. (Fun fact:  Almost one million people have made their way to this website to read the blog post that inspired the book!)

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Help for Women in Chronically Hurting Marriages

If your spouse is chronically problematic, please talk to a licensed counselor who is trained in relationship abuse and trauma. If you’re unsafe, please get to a safe place. Some resources and websites to check out.
  1. WildernesstoWILD with Sarah McDugal
  2. Abi Akinola
  3. Flying Free with Natalie Hoffman
  4. If you’re in danger, call an emergency hotline in your country. Canada: 800.799.SAFE (7233). United States: 1-800-621-HOPE (4673). United Kingdom: 08 08 16 89 111. Australia: 1800 015 188. New Zealand: 0800 456 450. Kenya: 0-800-720-072. Nigeria: 0800 033 3333. South Africa: 0800 428 428.  United States: Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 988

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