Courage: Reflections and Liberation for the Hurting Soul 

Have you been told that the strength of a woman is in how well she adapts to a one-sided marriage?

Are you tired of religious refrains being used to justify your hurting reality?

Welcome to Courage

A safe, healthy, and committed relationship takes two.

But in the evangelical and conservative world, we often hear, “You can fix your partner’s harming/chronically hurting ways if you ignore your own limits, shrink your needs and absorb all the responsibilities of the marriage.”

Of course, the latter is left unsaid. But it’s really what people are saying when they ask the hurting party to fix their bad marriage by themselves.

Ready to change your life?

Courage: Reflections and Liberation for the Hurting Soul 

My debut poetry collection will

  • Inspire you to peel off the lies that cling to your skin like Lazarus’s burial clothes.
  • Explore your God-given rights and dignity.
  • Switch on the light so you can see truth more clearly.
  • Help you find your seat at the table of courage and belonging.
  • Affirm as you continue taking steps that align with your true, authentic identity as a child of God.

The gap between what happens to us in relationships and how we are taught to respond is why I wrote Courage: Reflections and Liberation for Hurting Soul.

I wrote these words to those who have been told to take their place in the valley of desolation; those who thought they were free but still carry the burden of male superiority and classism on their shoulders; those hurt by wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing; those walking through life with a broken, disjointed soul. And those who love them. You deserve more.

I am thrilled about this book (the smallest one I have ever published!) because it provides women with language to tend to their hurt; it reminds us we deserve dignity and respect and that our agency and autonomy are God-given and worth protecting.

Ngina has captured the depths of a woman bound in cords of abuse and manipulative interpretation of the Word of God. COURAGE has put into words the unheard cry and unseen tears of bleeding souls. It will validate, embrace, and set you on a path of true healing through the untainted love of Jesus.” Kate Mburu


Courage: Reflections and Liberation for the Hurting Soul

  • 28 powerful poems and reflections to inspire your courage
  • Powerful lamentations to give language to your private journey
  • Affirmation (you’re not “crazy” or “rebellious” for speaking truth.)
  • Envisioning what it means to embrace the fullness of yourself as an Image bearer, with God-given rights to protect your dignity and humanity.
  • Opportunity for reflection
  • Encouragement for next steps.

Often, the evangelical and other conservative “faith” tend to accept certain parts of us. We’re asked to give “good reports.” People want to hear “testimonies.” We’re always to be “full of joy.” (Aka, look happy)

Women are told to “stop painting your husband in a negative light” when they speak the truth of their marriage.We’re told that our diminishment is “divinely ordered,” and we should be thankful and rejoice for the crumbs.

What if that’s not what following Jesus looks like? Check out Courage.

Who Courage is for:

Courage is for

  • Every woman who has ever felt (or been made to feel) crazy for speaking the truth about her life, marriage or both.
  • For every woman who has walked in spaces and systems designed to make her small. 
  • For the woman who desires clarity and affirmation, as she navigates harmful systems/way of relating.
  • For family, friends or professionals who wish to pursue passionate ally-ship.

About Ngina

I’m a writer and certified marriage coach. I’m on a mission to help women find clarity so they can address problems with courage and confidence. I examine unhealthy relationship advice and how elevating the marriage institution above individual welfare has harmed us.