Enjoying The Holiday Season When It’s Just You and Your Husband

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The holiday season is that time of the year when life slows down, families and friends gather, and there’s cheer all around.

I’ve come across a lot of ideas for making the holidays feel special but a lot of them are geared towards gatherings with families and friends. I haven’t seen any for when it’s just you and hubby!

Holidays can be super fun even when you are away from family and friends. Here are 7 tips to help you enjoy the holidays when its just you and your husband

My husband and I are in a new-ish city; no family or friends near, so this season, it will be mostly he and I, figuring out ways to make the holidays special.

I believe we are not the only couple in a new city, away from family, friends, and the familiar. You might be in a new culture or country or city and in need of ideas that are specific to your situation.

So here we go; 7 ideas to make the holiday season special when it’s just you and your husband!

1. Have a mental mind-shift

For those in a new culture: be ready to learn and adjust.

When we first moved to the United States six years ago, my husband and I didn’t know what to do with Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is not part of Kenyan tradition.

But people kept asking “what are you doing for Thanksgiving?” and we’d answer “nothing” and they’d be kinda appalled.

When it’s just you and your husband, diving into a new tradition, it’s essential to have a mental mind shift.  Basically, be okay with being the newest kids on the block.

You’ll feel a little awkward, out of place, frustrated, even annoyed when people don’t understand where you are coming from or why.

Even when the holiday is familiar, like Christmas, there will be new tricks, tweaks and adjustments which are out of your normal.

Overall, be ready to ask questions, observe and learn. And be respectful even when you don’t understand.

2. Create a plan

Instead of waiting to see how things pan out, sit down and create a plan for the holiday season with your hubby. The thinking and preparing will add a new excitement and give you something to look forward to!

For example, you can create a holiday-bucket list and then have a blast knocking it off! Need ideas for a holiday bucket list?

  • – Visit a street fair
  • – Scour your neighborhood for Christmas lights and shows
  • – Plan a small hike
  • – Keep up with your health goals (yup that’s an inspiring goal!)
  • – Set up a Skype session with far away family
  • – Go shopping (look out for exclusive sales, like Cyber Monday or 26th Dec!)
  • – Write each other love notes
  • – Dance to your favorite silly music.
  • – Watch your favorite movie
  • – Make love (not very bucket list-ey, I know, but why not take advantage of a languid holiday to get close and intimate? Check out for below for resources.
  • – Read a book together

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Holidays can be super fun even when you are away from family and friends. Here are 7 tips to help you enjoy the holidays when its just you and your husband

3. Think “season” (not just specific days)

As Christians, the reason for the season is Jesus Christ – we celebrate His goodness and His birth, which we mark on Thanksgiving (North America) and Christmas.

With that in mind, it’s also cool to spread the celebration beyond specific days.

My husband and I are big on discovering new places. Places to eat, watch the sunset, talk long walks, sit in the car and talk and listen to music and watch people (ha) – we love it.

November marks a vast change of season, and we kick it up a notch! Since we are in Texas where you can be outside this time of the year and not freeze to death, we really are enjoying the outside.

As a couple, think outside the actual days (Thanksgiving, Christmas) and figure out ways to make the whole season feel fun and festive.

Keep Jesus at the center of course, but go on and figure out how to make the entire season sweet. It helps you feel like you are not missing out on everything because your focus changes from “a day” to “the season.”

4. Get out of the house

It’s easy to sit around and do nothing; which amplifies those feelings of aloneness because you miss your family and your “normal.”

So it helps to get out of the house, which is the main gathering place for family-type events!

So pull out your bucket list and get busy!

How to enjoy the holidays when its just you and your husband
We found this tree and lights in a shopping center. Checking out Christmas lights and shows is one of our favorite things to do this season!

5. Give the holiday season your own tweak

Maybe you always gathered around and cooked a big meal with your family and friends. Trying to follow the exact script in your house might give you a severe case of tears.

How about you come up with something that is just you?

Maybe have a pre-thanksgiving dinner for just you and hubby. Or a Christmas day picnic/hike. Or find a place to serve others.

Do something new to add your own tweak and build new memories.

6. Invite yourself/invite others

We joined a new church, and they have a fantastic idea for those who don’t have family near. You sign up to be hosted (or you can host) by other church members.

I thought that was special! Think about how you can invite others who are just like you, without family/friends near. Or accept an invitation.

Who knows, you might make new friends, and at the very least you get to spend time with others and have a wonderful time!

7. Do something new.

Guess what else you can do this end of the year?

Start a new habit! While we tend to wait until January to set goals and change our lives, we can jump in early!

Here is one idea to get you going.

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How to ejoy the holiday season when its just you and your husband - 7 fun tips!

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And those are my tips for enjoying the holiday season when it’s just you and your husband! I’d love to hear how you are planning to spend the holidays with your hubby. I am looking for more ideas! Let me know in the Comments! 

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Enjoying the holiday season when its just you and your hubby

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