Love Quotes For My Husband – 30 Ways To Inspire Your Love For Him


Love quotes in healthy marriages can stoke the warmth when your heart is feeling a little stretchy or dry!

Whenever life gets hectic for a couple, one of the first things to go out of the window is sweet attentions and courtesies. For my husband and I, the last few weeks have been incredibly busy due to work transitions and a huge move.

When life gets busy for us, we tend to dive inward into ourselves, instead of reaching out to each other for support.

Love quotes and love notes in marriage; how they can refocus your love, affirm a husband and bring back the fuzzies when a marriage is strained.

At some point, one of us will come up for air and reach out, only to find less goodwill than they were hoping for; which feeds a feeling of isolation : (

Since we cannot eliminate all of life stressors, we are forever learning how to walk through the less-than-lovely seasons of life and maintain a healthy fun friendship.

I am learning that after prayer and time with God, one of the best ways to revive my love for Tommy is to simply take a pause and relive what he means to me.

Enter love quotes and other expressive words which explain our love, in detail. 

Please note: this post applies to marriages of goodwill, where both spouses (not just one spouse) are committed to growth and where the fruit of confession and repentance is evident. This post encourages healthy couples wrestling through common marriage problems. If your spouse is abusive, controlling, deceptive, dishonoring and chronically neglects your needs, those are not “normal marriage problems.” Those are individual issues and this post is not speaking to those situations. Please check out these posts for resources to help. Even for healthy marriages, mutual respect, empathy and desire to grow are assumed.

Writing sweet love quotes is a lot like creating a painting masterpiece. At first, the canvas might be a little plain and lacking.

But as we flick a wrist and caress the canvas with gentle brush strokes, the picture begins to come together. We work our brain and heart and remind ourselves what our spouse means to us.

Until such a time we can stand back, look at the complete masterpiece and exclaim “I see the whole of you, sweet darling, not just the specks and smudges!”

The Songs of Solomon, found in the old Testament is a great example of how a couple can stir their love towards one another.

Love quotes for my husband challenge 

Two weeks ago, after moving from San Antonio, TX to Plano, TX and while nursing a terrible cold, surrounded by boxes and mess, I found space on our couch, and margin in my brain to write love quotes and notes to my one and only.

It turned out to be a good exercise for my brain; instead of camping on the minor irritations of a move, the uncertainties of life and anxiety of the undone, I was able to see what I already had and celebrate the gift that my husband already is.

In the end, I felt closer to him, and even though I was sick and tired, my heart was rejuvenated and soft. I want to invite you to do the same thing today, especially if you are the middle of a busy or difficult season.

Take a few minutes time to create your own love quotes and notes. You don’t have to be an author or orator. Just write something from the heart.

Perhaps, you feel words are not your thing, that’s okay. Just take a few minutes to reflect on specific ways your husband and marriage has ministered to you in the past week, past months?

Did he tell you he loves you? Does he wash dishes, remember your birthday? Did he plan a date, buy you an unexpected gift? What’s a favorite trait about him?

Did he fix something around the house? Has he done something selfless of late? Does he nurture (or try to) his relationship with people who are important to you?

How does that make you feel when he does these things? How has He inspired growth in you? What emotions stir in your heart when you think about him?

Be specific. Think of fun situations. Get dreamy. And then write it down.

30 love quotes for my husband

To give you an idea, I’ll share the love quotes I wrote for my husband (some of which I’ve shared on Pinterest before), but I want to invite you to write your own love quotes for your guy.

After painting on that blank canvas and enjoying the masterpiece, consider sending it his way to make his day! (you can use my quotes if they ring true for you!)

However, the primary concern here is your focus; to find a way to move from stress or complete-self-focus to an attitude of love, gratitude and peace.

3o Love Quotes For My Husband

1. You give me your smile when I don’t have my own. You top it with a kiss, a tickle, a clean sink. My man, you are treat.

2. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,736 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. Nowhere else I’d rather be than with you.

3. You are the sweet song, adding beauty to my days.

4. You focus on being the best person for me, instead of focusing on how I can be the best person for you. It has made loving easy.

5. You are my favorite of all time, and we are living the best love story ever told.

6. Happiness is dozing off in your arms.

7. I love how you take care of me. I love how you keep working to be a better man. Even on days I fail to be a better woman.

8. You made falling in love easy. You’ve made staying in love easy.

9. I want to flirt with you all day, every day.

10. They say iron sharpen irons because of close proximity. But when I am close to you, my knees turn to jelly, my heart melts like butter and my stomach flutters. No iron here, just mush.

11. You make it easy to believe in lifelong love.

12. I see how God loves me through how you love me.

13. Thank you for loving me better today than you did yesterday. For working to become the man God wants you to be.

14. I love your male mind; I push back on a lot of things you say but darling I want you to know I am thrilled not to wake up and feel like I married myself. I love your genius.

Inspiring quotes and how they can refocus your love, affirm a husband and bring back the fuzzies when a marriage is strained.

15. I love who you will become tomorrow, but I love you now before tomorrow comes.

16. Thank you for not making me feel like a failure when I fail, but cheering me on and showing me how to get up.

17. When I count my blessings, I thank God you are the greatest of them all.

18. You are my biggest gift not because you are perfect but because you never quit trying to be the best version God has called you to be

19 .You are my happily ever after. No higher bliss.

20. Our marriage doesn’t have a formula. It’s an adventure into God’s heart. I adore our ride together.

21. You chose to wrap your arms around me. Words could have been spoken, but instead, you opted to contain them and take the action that raced my heart. Thank you for gentle hugs, hand on my shoulder, squeeze on the arm, kiss on my tired forehead, shimmer of affirmation, nod across the room, crooked smile before bedtime. Oh how you speak volumes without saying a word.

22. You have allowed God to teach you in private. Without an audience, without a show. I am privileged to join the audience of One and witness your transformation. I love doing life with you.

23. You are the reason I can’t wipe this silly smile off my face. Quirky? Your middle name.

24. You are not responsible for my happiness, but I cherish how you have made my happiness your highest aspiration.

25. You chose to marry me and every day you choose to stay happily married to me. My best friend, partner in mischief. Let’s be silly. Forever.

26. I love chasing God’s dream together. I love following your lead because the view is spectacular.

27. Our love is friendship on fire; thank you for treating our marriage like you want it to last a lifetime

28. Consider yourself loved. #obsessed

Inspiring ways to love your husband - how to refocus your love, affirm a husband and bring back the warmness when a marriage is strained.

29 .You affirm me. What can I say? I have a crush on you.

30. You coat your words with love, breath correction so gentle I would have missed the popping vein on your forehead that gave away the self-control. Thank you for maturity, for expressing yourself but also in a way that is gentle and loving. I am a better woman being loved by you. You teach me everything even in your moments of test.


I love my love quotes because they remind me how God uses our marriage to refresh me and help me become a better person!

Store the quotes in your “I love my husband” folder/notebook and keep checking on them whenever your love gauge feels low!

You can also print them out and tuck them inside a card as a gift to him. You can send message/email him a quote or a note a day. Or whisper them to his ear. Or leave them next to his laptop or coffee cup. The ideas are endless!

Are you madly in love with your husband but suspect marriage can be better?

Or perhaps you are the imperfect girl married to an imperfect guy (like the rest of us!) who is tired of fussing, misunderstanding and the distance? You long to restore joy, healing and happiness to your marriage. You long to love better, create the marriage of your dreams, God’s way. Well, there’s hope!

My book Blues to Bliss: Creating Your Happily Ever After in the Early Years shows you how to work out the kinks, find joy in imperfection, positively influence your marriage and create the marriage of your dreams, one intentional choice at a time. Start your journey –>  Amazon Paperback I Amazon Kindle I Barnes & Noble I PDF

Inspiring ways to make marriage fun

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