How To Navigate Conflict in Marriage

Does conflict send  your spouse running for the hills? 

Maybe you’re frustrated because you can’t get your husband to open up: You are all “talked-out” but no closer to  addressing the actual problem.

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Or perhaps you have good communication but you struggle with every-day marriage irritations and annoyances.

How to Navigate Conflict in Marriage is a a comprehensive guide to help you address marriage problems so nothing gets swept under the rug and everyone takes responsibility.

It is a conflict resolution course for wives who are interested in healthy communication, who understand that healthy communication takes two and who desire to learn their part of that process.


A comprehensive guide to help address marriage problems faster: Nothing gets minimized or swept under the rug and everyone takes responsibility

This course is for the wife who is:

  • Tired of running into walls and living with the same unresolved issues
  • Frustrated by a lack of openness and intimacy in her relationship
  • Tired of hearing “just pray more” or “submit more” or “have more sex” as the answer to conflict
  • Ready to grow and admit where she is wrong and to take personal responsibility
  • Ready to explore where her duty ends, and her spouse’s responsibility begins
  • Done with excuses and pity-parties
  • Ready to break cycles of miscommunication so she and her husband can feel like a team again
  • Ready to roll up her sleeves and do the important work (which includes practical assignments) of healing her marriage

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By the end of this course, you will have a road-map for healthy communication and connection with your husband.

This course is giving me a name for our conflict. Knowing what I am dealing with is helping me navigate our problems with soberness. I feel empowered, and my hope is renewed. ~ Wife

You will feel equipped and confident to address issues that matter to you.

You’ll have the clarity and skill to work through disagreements without doubting yourself.

You’ll discover your shared values and connect on a much deeper level.

You’ll have renewed courage and peace to walk in your identity as a child of God, no matter what is going on in your marriage.

Your marriage will mature as you stop taking responsibility for your spouse’s actions and decisions.