To The Christian Single Woman Confused About Sex


In our information-heavy culture, it’s easy to imagine the “Christian single woman confused about sex” doesn’t exist.

After all we have great resources at the tap of a finger.

But the truth is, just because there’s a lot of information doesn’t mean there will be immediate understanding and transformation.

Lately, I have been talking to two kinds of single women; those who are waiting till marriage to have sex and those who are struggling to stop having sex and save it for marriage.

To the Christian single woman confused about sex, wondering why how to save sex for marriage and work through sexual feelings, here's help.

It’s been eye-opening listening to the pains and angst of each side;

The woman practicing chastity wonders if anyone understands her journey, specifically how hard it is to be chaste in today’s world.

She is perplexed by the long wait, wonders if marriage is still a possibility and why wait for something that might never happen?

Then there is the single woman struggling to save sex for marriage. She feels like the only way to keep a relationship is to continue to have sex. She loves God but longs for marriage and thinks she’s found the one.

I get both sides, I do.

I did not engage in sex outside of marriage, but I am having plenty of it inside marriage to understand the depths of sexual intimacy and how it knits hearts together.

God did create sex to bind two hearts, but only within the bonds of matrimony. Outside of wedlock, sex still  binds – but in the wrong ways. (1 Corinthians 6:16)

I understand the struggle for the single christian woman confused about sex, the girl  who is saving sex for marriage.

I asked myself the same questions.

“Does anyone understand that it’s harder to keep your legs together?”

“What am I supposed to do with my sex drive, just hug pillows and bathroom walls?”

“Why does everyone focus on the struggling women and not a word to those that are doing it right?”

I had great mentors, incredible accountability, amazing friends and responsibility but I still had these questions.

Many of the women I talk to don’t have a safe place to discuss their struggles and fears.

I am not shifting responsibility because we are responsible for developing these kinds of relationships. All I am saying is that not everyone has someone or someplace to share their struggles.

So today I want to encourage you if you fall into any of these two categories (waiting for sex or struggling to wait.)

I also want to request you, married reader, to please pass along this article to the single woman you know?

One of the reasons I was strong and confident as a single girl was because I had a legion of married women in my life.

My mentor was not afraid to share straight-up encouragement about sex and married life.

Whenever you can or whenever an opportunity arises, I encourage you to speak to the singles in your life.

I know you need permission to speak to someone’s life, but would you pray that God would make you a Titus 2 woman to someone? Ask Him for the wisdom and courage and a heart for others.

1. To the single woman who is having sex to keep a man

A man who loves God – truly loves God – will not lead you to sin.

A man who is submitted to God will not encourage you to perch near the edge of a cliff. He will lead you away from the cliff.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with a person who chooses to disobey God? A person who rationalizes, encourages and excuses sin?

This is the man you will submit to in marriage. If he can’t listen to God, what makes you think he will listen to you? What kind of marriage will you have?

The Bible says a house divided against itself cannot stand. Your marriage will be battlefield because you are not of the same mind.  One person wants to obey God, the other doesn’t.

I am not saying the man cannot change. I am saying that’s up to him and you need to give him space to make that decision.

Gary Thomas says

“If you don’t witness character transformation before marriage, you’re foolish to expect it after marriage”

Marriage reveals more of who we are. If the person you are seeing likes to cut corners, play around, encourage unholiness, there’s more where that came from!

Your boyfriend might not like the fact that you want to stop having sex. And your basket is probably full of reasons too. But you have to make a decision – who will you serve, God or man? (Joshua 24:15)

Do you believe that God can restore you? Do you believe that He can give you a husband, a man after his own heart, in His time?

It comes down to trust. When we lack faith in God, when we haven’t fully surrendered to Him, we grab and run the show.

But God is saying “Give me the reins. Let me show you how much I love you. I have a future for you, but you have to let go and allow me to be in charge.”

Sexual brokenness and bondage is often a symptom of other underlying issues.

And that’s a good reason to stop having sex because you can’t think straight if you have a man to pacify and medicate the issues.

I don’t know what wounds, hurts, fears, worries or misunderstanding about God you have. But God does. And He wants to make you whole.

It’s not about the sex, it’s about your heart. It’s not about rules and regulations, it’s about His extravagant grace, poured out for you.

Will you give Him a chance today?

2. To the chaste girl who feels alone and has no idea what to do with her sex drive

I feel you.

I hugged pillows, I cried into my bed, I clutched my bathroom walls, heat charged through my body when I really liked a guy and he liked me back.

My biology and plumbing were very alive and active before I got married.

Why am I sharing this? Because I want you to know you are normal.

There’s nothing wrong with your longing to connect with someone intimately. God wired you that way, because it fulfills a purpose in marriage.

I know your feelings and emotions can be a source of embarrassment. I was speaking somewhere and I asked the roomful of women “So, who wants to get married, someday?”

All the girls giggled but only a few raised their hands. I clarified “It’s not wrong to want to get married!” and more hands went up.

So often, our longings and deep desires as women are a source of embarrassment. We stuff emotions and pretend they don’t exist. We even “spiritualize” them. But that’s not healthy at all.

I am not saying we become slaves to our feelings…I am saying, accept the feelings are normal.

Get over the lie that there’s something wrong, dirty and unholy about your emotions and make-up as a woman. God created you the way you are..He gave you feelings and emotions! And He thought “it is very good”! (Genesis 1:31)

Yes, you are to be led of the spirit, not of the flesh. But being led of the spirit involves being honest about how we feel.

It’s saying

“Lord, I understand that I am fearful and wonderfully made. You created every part of me, including my sexuality. I am not a shock or an embarrassment to you. You made all of me. You are Lord over my whole life, every part of it. I understand you created sex for marriage. Therefore I believe I can live in such a way that is honoring to you”

You see when we don’t understand or accept that we are sexual beings, we get married and can’t switch on because we spent so many years embarrassed and in denial.

We struggle to see sexual intimacy in marriage as something wonderful and holy to be enjoyed.

And then when you experience challenges in marriage  – because fulfilling sexual intimacy is a journey and skill we learn – you start to think marriage doesn’t work!

(I love how marriage blogger, Sheila Gregoire, explains the journey: I’ll link her post below!)

So, on one hand you have this sex drive and the other hand you have to wait for it to be fulfilled.

How do you thrive in the now?

  • There’s only one way I know of – and that’s to lean hard on the Holy Spirit and trust that God will keep you.

There’s no replacement for faith and trust in God. People who walk down the aisle pure (whether secondary or primary chastity) do so because God kept them.

Not because they were strong and able to stay away from temptation.

So fan your relationship with God. Keep Him first and you’ll begin to lose appetite for things that dishonor him.

The temptations will still come, but your heart will be sensitive and unwilling to sour your relationship with God.

Remember: the one who gave you a sex drive is well able to keep you, until marriage.

  • God is also very practical.

He gave us a brain and will quicken our hearts to use that brain.

If you don’t want to wake up love before its time, you need to put certain measures in place to help you.

As as single girl, I was almost fanatical about my relationship with guys. I had great friendships with guy friends but they were brothers – my mind had those boundaries.

I was also vigilant about what I watched, what I listened to, who I hang out with. (and I still am because marriage doesn’t mean the end of purity!)

I stayed away from soap operas, romantic flicks and books and everything that had the potential to stir up my emotions. I wasn’t perfect at it, but I worked very hard to stay sane!

I did not date casually, if I went out with a guy (as in, one-on-one date) it was because I thought he could be ‘the one’ (not in the we-are-getting-married-next-year way but in the lines of he-meets-my-important-standards-lets-see-where-this-goes) Otherwise I hang out in groups!

All dating was during the day and if at night, in very public well-lit places. I did not encourage physical contact and was clear about boundaries.

What am I saying?

If you are serious about chastity, or even a little bit serious about keeping your sanity, you must put some sort of boundaries in your life.

Many single women cry about haywire desires while they do absolutely nothing to keep themselves together! If anything, their thoughts and actions fan the very flames they want cooled.

  • Channel your energy towards something.

As a single person, you have opportunity, the freedom and margin to go hard after God and His purpose for your life.

Don’t be idle, because something will fill up that space.

Fill your life with other things – serve God, serve others, hang out with godly friends. If you feel alone and need a hug, find a sister to pray for and hug on!

To the Christian single woman confused about sex, wondering why how to save sex for marriage and work through sexual feelings, here's help.

To both of you;

Your reward in waiting is not a man. Yes, its my prayer that God will bless you with a husband.

But that’s all a man is, a blessing, not a reward. God is your everything. In fact a husband will “help” you need God in ways you never imagined!

Right now, you have to come to that place where you surrender everything to God – your desires, longings, life.

You need to come to that place where you can say

“your will, Lord, not mine. I want to get married someday but I want You more than I want a man. I’ll go wherever you send me, even if that’s the ministry of singlehood.”

Obviously if you have strong desires for marriage, you are not called to that ministry : ). I am just making a point – surrender everything.

I pray these thoughts encourage you. I pray you find hope, fullness, satisfaction, joy in Christ. Christ is truly our everything – “For in him we live and move and have our being.” – Acts 17:28

Question – If you have any questions, let’s chat in the comments! To the married, how else can we encourage the single people in our lives?

Ps. Please share this article if you think it will bless someone!

Further reading.

  • Update – Since writing this post I have received emails from singles and I feel I need to add this; Masturbation is not the way to deal with sexual desires in single-hood. I know there’s all kinds of beliefs and teachings out there. But I want you to know meeting your sexual desires through masturbation will lead to more trouble, not victory. It’s not a release, it’s a trap. Read this follow-up post Is masturbation wrong for Christian singles?
  • Also check out Sheila Gregoire’s post (which I mentioned in this  post) – How do we help the young people have the right expectations about sex?
  • Check out J Parker’s post – beautiful insights about about sex in marriage. If you know someone who is about to get married, please send it to them! Will sex in marriage be a let-down?


And if you are engaged to be married (or newly married) and long to understand and enjoy how God wired you for sexual intimacy in marriage, pick up my book The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.  It’s a handbook for engaged women and guide for newlywed wives who desire deeper intimacy and confidence with their husbands. Buy the book from Kindle I Paperback I Nook I PDF

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  1. Glorie Tasabia says:

    Reading this was a true blessing. I am 21 and have been brought up in the church but sadly have never been taught about a woman’s body, feelings, emotions, etc. honestly I didn’t even know I had a vagina until junior year of college. All I know is that sex is a BIG no no and if I do have sex before marriage than I am dirty. It is freeing to be able to come here and talk about SEX for once without feeling awkward or even ashamed. Because I know that I do want to be able to experience it in marriage, but first want to honor and obey God. Keep up the good work and don’t stop! This has definitely helped me and I believe needs to be talked about more within the church.

    1. Oh Glorie! I am so so glad the post was helpful! There’s so much to learn and unlearn, depending on our background and we just have to never stop learning. I too come from a conservative background and a lot of what I know now, I had to research and talk to God! He’s so so faithful to open our eyes, affirm us and lead us in His direction. We just have to Never Quit. He’s faithful! When the time comes, I have a book on sex for engaged women and newlyweds, so you won’t be without help!

  2. You mention to the single girls struggling to wait that good men won’t lead them into temptation. Sadly, I am over 30 and have yet to meet even one man (Christian or otherwise) who doesn’t expect sex before marriage. And trust me, I have dated many so it’s not for lack of availability! While most expect it early, even the good ones with higher standards expect it in serious relationships and can’t fathom marrying a woman they haven’t slept with at least once— either the “test drive” theory or bc they have a hard time becoming emotionally intimate without being physically intimate.

    1. I am so sorry about your experiences in the dating scene. Those men are neither good nor godly. Christianity is not a label you put on yourself, it’s a lifestyle; if your walk isn’t matching up to your words, you are not a Christian. Period. Titus 1:16 talks about people who profess to know God but by their DEEDS deny Him. It goes on to call those types of people “detestable, disobedient and worthless for any good deed” So these guys are not godly men.

      I can tell you, with one-hundred-percent surety that REAL GODLY MEN exist. I know because I am married to one and I know plenty of other ladies who are married to godly men. These men did not demand a lowering of godly standards to have a relationship with us. Godly men exist.

      What am about to say might sound harsh but please know I am speaking from a place of love and experience – think about the common denominator in your various experiences with guys. It’s been you. Not saying you are to blame for anything (not at all) but when we run into the same problem over and over, its important to take a pause and investigate if the issue is within or without.

  3. this is soooo helpful i have been ignoring y emotions instead of acknowleding them as good and channeling them in the right direction. i have been feeling guilty for being a women and christians are quick to condemn you i can do something with this message

    1. Folasade, I am glad the post was helpful. God created us the way we are..nothing wrong with us! There’s a way to deal with emotions in a healthy and God-honoring. I am happy this post encouraged you in that. Many blessings.

  4. Great post for Christian women! Thanks for posting on such and important topic in today’s sex driven culture.

  5. This post came at just the right time for me. Just when I thought I would be coming home from a long trip and beginning a new chapter of a relationship with a godly man…I find out that this man has a recent struggle with porn. God leads me to break things off and give him a year (in which I would reconsider but not necessarily get back with him).

    It was difficult emotionally. And spiritually. There was wrestling
    He is a man of God who I can see myself marrying someday. I must admit I am a woman who also has a strong desire for sexual intimacy and I sometimes get very discouraged that I struggle with it so often. However God knows best. His timing is perfect.

    1. Ans, I am happy the posts has been helpful. I am sorry about the disappointing situation but also glad that you chose to step back and allow for time for him to work things out. If you haven’t done so already, you may check out my resource page — > . Scroll through for a post titled “should i marry someone who uses porn” for additional helpful insights. Thank you for reading and may God continue to lead you.

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