To The Wife Who Wants More (3 Things To Focus On)

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My husband and I moved to the US four years ago and in February this year I had the opportunity to travel back home to Kenya for the first time since our move.

I expected to dive back to life as I knew it, completely at ease with everything. I had not anticipated the difference 4 years can make.

I began to notice I had changed when one afternoon, as we watched gospel music on TV, I started to critique music, thinking of ways the musician could tweak and “improve” her music  – to suit an international audience.

To The Wife Who Wants More

Later in the day, the Holy Spirit began to talk to me about about the critiquing I was doing in my own life. How I was trying to tweak things and expand things because my path felt too narrow and too small.

I see all the green grass on the other side and I want my own acre of green now! But after hitting a big life re-set 4 years ago, on some days I feel like all I am doing is playing catchup-up.

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