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In her soon-to-be-released ebook, (more info about it at the end of this post) Sundi Jo says

“We have to stop letting others control us. We have to take back our minds.”

In other words, if you want to get anywhere in this life, you are going to have to own your mind.

But we all have those moments.Moments when we feel like life is moving in the opposite direction of where we want it to go and the steering wheel is broken.

Seasons where we feel stripped of all ability to choose.

Your Responsibility

Starting afresh in America, I’ve had many of those. In hindsight, I realize that these sweeping feelings come when I excuse myself and decide I have no power over my circumstances.

Truth is, no matter what happens to you, you still have the power to choose. That ability cannot be taken away from you.

You just need to recognize and accept that you are responsible for your life.

Some time back, I came across two sassy children. The kind of words they threw at left me mortified. The worst part was that they were in the company of two adults! At one point it looked as though one of the adults, a man, was telling the kids what to say.

Own Your Choices

Like the two kids, we sometimes have no control over our formative environment. We simply grow up drawing from our surroundings, whether bad or good.

That’s all the ‘truth’ we know. In fact it’s a shock to see the rest of the world behaving differently from us.

People are not always responsible for how they start out. We live in a crazy broken world.

But we are always responsible for what we do with with what happens to us.

A time comes when we must stop playing victim and take responsibility for our actions and choices.

To make positive choices, you can watch out for these three areas;

1. Denial

Ignoring something does not make it go away.

I am not a natural procrastinator but I know how to ignore things that I do not particularly like or enjoy. I can grow cold and unresponsive.

But the truth is that not choosing is itself, a choice.

You either make your choice or choices are made for you.

2. Fears

We all have silent fears and struggles. Those things that we don’t like talking about or even thinking about.

Being courageous does not mean being unafraid.

It just means doing things afraid – refusing to allow fear to paralyze you and strip you of your God-given ability to have a thriving intentional life.

3. Set-backs

Taking personal responsibility requires you to develop a strong mind that does not see failure as the end of the journey.

You seeks ways to get up, not excuses to stay down. A winner is just is someone who never quits, not someone who never falls.

Question – Have you taken responsibility for your own life? How else can we take charge?


  1. Love that quote:
    “We have to stop letting others control us. We have to take back our minds.”

    Most of life is a mind game. If we checkout mentally, we usually lose.

    1. I liked the quote too Charles. That’s a great addition about the mind! Mind if i tweet it? 🙂 Thank you for reading and sharing

  2. I’m starting to take even more responsibility for my life and dreams by taking action toward my dreams. I’m working on overcoming the “silent fears” I have that could hold me back from reaching my potential. With God’s power and my perseverance I know I will overcome them and move toward my purpose.

    Great thoughts.

    1. That is so awesome Dan. With God’s power and perseverance, there is absolutely nothing that we can’t do! i do believe that your dreams involve touching others and you are already doing that – you are an encourager and inspiration to many of us. God bless you as you press on.

  3. Awesome quote here: “A winner is just is someone who never quits, not someone who never falls.”

    1. It’s something I tell myself so many times Mike. I need to hear it every time i suffer a setback/challenge/failure. Thank you for reading and sharing

  4. So many great things in this post- I don’t know where to start!

    First I have to say I really like this part- “A winner is just is someone who never quits, not someone who never falls.”
    We all fall and we all have failures, we can either learn from them and become stronger or allow them to break us.

    Also, this post reminds me of the quote by Bonhoeffer, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. not to act is to act.”

    We have to chose, there is not sitting on the bench. Not deciding is deciding. Not speaking out against evil, is actually speaking volumes!

    1. Wow, i love that quote by Bonhoeffer! It expounds on this perfectly (or is it me who expounds on his words)

      The winner-is-someone-who-never-quits statement is something i keep telling myself. if I just keep moving, if i just keeping working at it, no matter how tough the journey, I’ll get to the finish line!

      I am glad the post blessed you. Thank you for adding your insights. I love that quote by Bonhoeffer and your thoughts on it.

      1. It’s one of my favorite quotes too, so glad you liked it.

        Today, as I read through others blogs I hear God telling me to keep going, to not give up. I guess God is speaking to all His children. We are feeling tired or overwhelmed and He wants us to know He understands and that He is with us and wants to give us good things. We just got to keep going! For the joy set before us, we must endure. Heaven really is only a breath away, until we are called home we have work to do.
        You’re doing a great job. Take it one day at a time!
        God bless.

        1. Amen and amen! You just preached :)! Thank you for that encouragement, so refreshing. God bless you too. In Him we can do all things!

          1. Amen! So glad He is greater than all our struggles! Praise God.

  5. I’ve taken control over my life… The problem is often at the expense of ignoring the calling or hand of God. That is my weakness. I think that’s most of our weaknesses; we take the gifts from God and use them too excess and make them our weakness.

    Thanks for making me think today. It’s not always easy, but needed.

    1. Floyd if you don’t mind me asking: how? I sometimes wonder if I’m doing that?

    2. ‘Keeping the balance” is the thing Floyd. We need God in every way, from receiving the gift to working with the gift. When we take off by ourselves to work with His gift, we get into big big trouble.
      I am glad we help each other think. I need to hear this every day. I may just buy me a talking parrot for these reminders 🙂
      Thank you for reading and sharing

  6. Oh wow, this is some powerful statements I see here. This sounds like a really great book to be apart of Ngina. I know if you are involved then it will definitely be a great and awesome eBook launch. Can’t wait to hear what more you have to say about it. Love it.

    1. Indeed it’s a great ebook. I’ll probably do a review once it launches.

      Just to clarify (but correct me if I mis-read your comment) this is my own blog post. The content is entirely my own (except the for the opening quote ofcourse). It’s not found in Sundi Jo’s ebook.

      (Need to clarify lest it appears Sundi has said/endorsed/added something she hasn’t!..lol)

      Thank you for adding to the conversation. i appreciate.

      1. Lincoln Parks says:

        Yes it was meant for your words. The way you described the book is what I meant about it Ngina. Definitely happy for you in the book. LOL, the blog post may need to be added.

  7. Stop letting others control us and take back our minds – I like that. Sometimes it’s not so much others that control us but our thoughts or even what we think others are thinking that they’re not really thinking!

    I take responsibility for my life when I go to God and spend hours with Him hashing over those thoughts – bringing my thoughts captive to Him and feeling His soothing love and truth washing over me and filling me up.

    I was just doing that this morning in fact to help me with the insecurity of posting another blog post! I love the way He changes my thinking and my life without ever changing my circumstances. (Although sometimes I wouldn’t mind the circumstances changing either!)

    1. You are spot on Barb – it’s really not what others think, but what we think they are thinking! Sometimes, their minds aren’t anywhere near where we think they are!

      I love how you take responsibility – running to God is the only way. i am grateful for those verses you shared here beyondthesinnersprayer.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/insecurity-bible-verses .

      Nothing get’s us focused quicker than soaking in the word of God!

      1. Hmm, I need to soak in God’s Word right now because I am having trouble opening my computer dropbox and can’t figure out how to fix it!!!!!!! (Think I need to to the frustration questions and Bible verses!)

        1. Inspiration does come from not-so-great moments – those verses and post would be wonderful and handy to many of us! I’ve never had such a problem though i don’t use drop box alot. I pray it all works out ..sooner than later :)!

          1. Thanks, Ngina – I’m feeling much better now. Life is would be so much simpler if I just went to God first! Computer problems still there but I’m sure they’ll sort themselves out. Not sure if you have an iPod, but if you want the other questions and verses, just e-mail me and I can send them to you. I have a spot to e-mail in the about section of my blog.

  8. Congrats on being part of the Liar Liar book launch! I’ve read the first chapter, I can tell therein lies a great book. I’ll be looking forward to the launch. I am taking responsibility for my life, choices and the future.

    When those seasons of feeling stripped of choice come — I am and shall continue to choose again to own my mind.

    I had shared about responsibility in the past at the link: http://taunetnelel.blogspot.com/2012/07/response-ability-and-three-channels.html

    Thanks for sharing this truth.

    1. I am glad you’ve enjoyed the chapter, you will love the ebook.

      I love how your post on responsibility begins

      “Response and ability – these two words
      seem to make up the word responsibility.”
      Amen to taking responsibility!

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