39 Wedding Night Quotes and Sayings For Your First Night of Marriage


What is the worst thing that can happen on your wedding night?

And what’s the best thing?

If you are like me, you swung (or are swinging) from both extremes: Hoping your wedding night will be one of the best nights of your life but sometimes fighting worst-case scenarios.

I was tired and sick on the days leading up to our wedding day. “I feel pretty as a flower” was not my pre-wedding song because chickenpox and pretty don’t together.

Wedding night quotes to inspire your first night as husband and wife. Because wedding night sex doesn't have to mean wedding night stress

I was disappointed about being sick on the happiest day of my life, and I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around what it meant for our first night as husband and wife.

Would we even have sex? Would he like my sickly body? Did I even have the energy for intimacy?? 

I needed encouragement, a pep talk to get me out of a downward spiral.

And I got one on our wedding rehearsal when we spent time with our mentors. In between last-minute planning and discussions, we talked about intimacy.

By the end of our conversation, I was smiling; mostly because talking about sex was a little awkward but also because I was less nervous about the wedding night experience. 

Our premarital mentors did a great job dropping some wedding night inspiration into our hearts – we felt so affirmed.

In this post, I will be doing what was done for us – dropping some wedding night quotes and inspiring your first night as husband and wife. 

All the wedding night quotes in this post are from my popular book The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy as a New Bride!

Let’s dive in!

39 wedding night quotes to inspire your first night of marriage.

1. It is not what happens on your wedding night that shapes the rest of your married life; it is what you choose to focus on every day after that.

2. “Your wedding night won’t be the best sex you’ll ever have, and that’s awesome because you have a lifetime to get there!”

3. A great marriage and consequently, great physical intimacy is an adventure where a husband and wife embark on a journey to discover each other; spirit, soul, and body.

4. In marriage, you have a fresh opportunity, every single day, to create the marriage and sex life of your dreams. 

5. The wedding night is not the end of your married life; it is the start! 

6. The same way you took the time to get to know one another when dating is the same way you’ll take time to know each other in bed. Stay curious! 

7. When we grasp the origin of intimacy, the incredible significance there is in sexual union, we will change the way we approach our marriage bed, and how we relate to each other.

When we grasp the origin of intimacy, the incredible significance there is in sexual union, we will change the way we approach our marriage bed, and how we relate to each other. Click to Tweet

8. God created sex to be a beautiful gift in marriage; the depth you are yet to understand.

9. A healthy marriage is both inside and outside the bedroom.

10. Sex out of wedlock can complicate sex inside marriage 

11. For many women, lovemaking is a decision, not a feeling.

Wedding night quotes to inspire your first night as husband and wife. Because wedding night sex doesn't have to mean wedding night stress

12. If you are a virgin (secondary or primary), you are not alone. There are legions of people just like you, saving sex for marriage.

13. When dating, if one person is pulling towards sensuality and the other is pulling towards purity, their unity will not stand.

14. God helps us uphold His standards. One of the ways He does that is through accountability.

15. If you are struggling with the idea of consummation and instead of worrying about your fear of intimacy, dial back and figure out what God says about the area you are conflicted about.

16. The wedding night is the opening act; it serves to whet our appetites for the rest of the show i.e., marriage.

 17. Sex creates a platform for deep communion between husband and wife.

18. Wedding night intimacy comes down to three things; a reliance on God, the ability to relax, and engage. (I know that sounds complicated by my book has all the details! It’s not complicated, I promise!)

What if wedding night sex doesn’t have to mean wedding night stress?What if we could lessen the learning curve and get you enjoying intimacy with your husband sooner not later? Kindle  Paperback I Nook I PDF

Learn to pursue intimacy with your husband!

19. Consummation: weddings are tiring, and you don’t have to make love on your wedding night!  

20. Great lovemaking is a skill learned over time. Your first night is just the first lesson of that lifetime.

21. For the virgin bride, you must begin to kick out the lie that you are foolish and clumsy, and will be a disappointment to your husband.

22. A deep connection, ministering to one another beyond the physical, cannot be done in a hurry. Embrace a slower pace.

23. Courtship is the perfect time to cultivate a deep friendship. Friendship is the foundation for a beautiful physical relationship.

24. Passion blooms where there was prior planning.

25. Hang an invisible reminder at the back of your mind “What is not spoken remains unknown.” Communication is key to satisfying sex life. 

26. Don’t power your way through painful intimacy. Stop. Talk about it. Get help. 

27. On your wedding night, consider breaking some rules, not Biblical or common sense rules. But self-limiting, soul-sapping, spirit-dying, passion-killing rules which originate from holding on to the familiar and convenient.

28. To lessen self-consciousness, think about how you want your wedding night to look like ahead of time.

29. Lovemaking can be awkward, messy, and hilarious. Doing it for the first time can be twice as clumsy, as messy and quite amusing. The antidote? Don’t take yourselves too seriously! 

 30. Remember that your husband is probably as nervous as you are. Taking things lightly will help both of you.

31. You can learn to relax with your husband, engage your body and mind, and invite God into your marriage bed. You are supposed to discover. (Don’t be too hard on yourself for being a student. Embrace the student’s chair because that is marriage!)

32. There’s no formula for excellent foreplay and sex. It is a journey to discover what works for both of you.

33. Satisfying intimacy may require stepping out of your “personal cocoon.”

34. Explore your uniqueness and revel in how God created your spouse.

35. An excellent way to begin to change the conversation about sex is to transform your environment by awakening your senses.  

36. Great sex will require thoughtful and creative expression. (Because when God created sexual intimacy, He did not provide a methodical script to go with it. He wants us to explore and delight in our discoveries!)

37. A healthy physical relationship is more than two body parts coming together. It is oneness and unity that goes beyond the bedroom.

38. Remember this: most of your married years will be spent outside the bedroom! Cultivate a healthy relationship outside sex because what happens outside influences what happens inside.

39. Praise is crucial for both husband and wife to feel desirable in each other’s eyes. Adoration for each other creates the atmosphere for the most fulfilling sexual union.

Wedding night sex doesn’t have to be crazy hard and I hope these wedding night quotes inspire you.

Your turn: Those are 39 tips for a blissful start to marriage! What other wedding night quotes can you add? What are your best tips for a less stressful wedding night?

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