Why I am Following Passion, Not Gurus

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Sundi Jo is deleting her Facebook friends.

Tammy Helfrich is staying true to her writing voice.

John Sadington has adjusted his blog focus.

In a guest post at Michael Hyatt’s blog, Lucille Zimmerman has decided to stop choking on guru advice.

Jim Woods has started a writing  revolution.

Melissa Titus started over

Barb Raveling has a series on blogging and ministry.

TC Avey changed her mind about ‘platform building’.

It’s everywhere.

People are adjusting, refocusing, simplifying, following passion.


As for me and inspite of my best intentions, I’ve faltered when it comes to staying true to what God has called me to write.

Personally, and while I enjoy it immensely, I don’t write on this blog for the sake of writing.

I write because I feel it’s something He’s called me to do. Writing is a channel through which I share what He’s put in my heart to share.

After moving from Blogger (blogspot) to self-hosted WordPress  back in June 2012, I tightened my focus and zeroed in on “Intentional Growth” as the focus of this new blog.

Yet as I did that, I stopped flapping with the other wing of passion – Intentional relationships.

What Blogging Gurus Say

Blogging gurus say that bloggers should identify and stick to one niche.

For example, they say that you can’t focus on cats and diving as blogging niches at the same time.

Unless ofcourse you can find a way to make the two relate e.g. how your cat landing on its two feet gave you a killer idea about your next cliff dive.

The gurus say that on the days you post about your cat, your diving readers will be bored silly.

And on the days you blog about your diving, your cat fans will be scowling at the screen.

At Crossroads

I think when it comes to following passion, we’ll come to that place of making uncomfortable decisions.

At some point, we’ll have to choose between what feels right and what seems popular.

There’s nothing wrong with expert counsel and advice of course.

Just that I think tweaking and twisting our lives to fit an image we’ve created in our head, at the expense of authenticity, is all wrong.

So often, the image of success we have in our minds does not match what God has in mind.

Sometimes we work hard for public success, forgetting that God may have something else in mind e.g private success.


Following advice at the expense of passion makes out dreams falter.

Passion becomes a drudgery, what we loved becomes a prison, frustration knocks out our creativity and stuns our hearts cold.

We live in a world full of new shiny toys and it doesn’t take much to lose  focus. I think that is why God is always calling us to set our minds on things above.

As I am stirred to go back to my first love – growth and relationships- guess what’s come knocking on my door?



Am afraid I’ll annoy my ‘growth’ readers with my ‘marriage’ posts. Am afraid I’ll annoy my ‘married’ readers with my ‘singles’ posts.

And am afraid I’ll annoy my ‘single’ readers with ‘growth and marriage’ posts!

Breaking rules

I have discovered that a kickin’ life will often break guru rules.

Passion will not be placed in a box.

Inspite of my ‘fears’ and angst, I can’t wait to have everything figured out before I step out (okay, more like pick up where I left off.)

So, by the grace of God, I’ll go ahead and write what am passionate about – intentional growth and relationships – inspite of the voice in my head telling me to stick to what ‘works’.

Me thinks that the world becomes a better place when we all stick to the business of being us πŸ™‚

so what does this all mean?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed some changes – I am now writing more marriage posts.

And in case you are wondering how “weighty” my marriage thoughts are, am in my fifth year of year of marriage.

Whatever you do today, go ahead and do your own stepping out. Don’t wait to have everything figured out first.

Question – Is God calling you to refocus in any area of your life? What are you struggles? Please share in comments below.


  1. Betty Draper says:

    You have wrote something we all struggle with time to time or for a short while. At first I was so intimidated at so many blogs…God helped me with that. Then came trying to write every day…God helped me with that. What is left is God working through a simple woman who loves to bask in the God love for me. Now I write only when moved, if I force it, it grieves my soul. As for a post everyday…I am a busy woman building face to face relationship for the glory of God. Honest I don’t expect to get to far with my blogging and honestly, it’s ok. Could not handle a huge following or even a medium one. I have some tried and true blogs I visit often, because they speak to my heart, I am challenged by the words of Christ written by these few. It’s been a while since I added someone to my list…so where is your button??? Blessings

    1. Thank you Betty for your honesty. I am not alone in this πŸ™‚ and God is working/has been working on all of us. i once thought about daily blogging but knew immediately that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with such a schedule. I marvel at those who do it! they are truly gifted folks πŸ™‚ God has been working in my heart – His plans verses my thoughts. Sometimes we are so stuck in certain mindsets that God has to knock persistently before we can hear Him.

      As for my blog button, i don’t have one :(. I have no clue how to create one!

  2. the inspired bride says:

    Hey Ngina,
    Nice post, follow what the Lord has placed in your heart – That always works!

    1. Yes indeed, that is what always works! i wonder why we try other things…mercy me :). Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. God has shown me the areas I need to focus on(which is hopefully obvious with my blog) so I’m doing my best to stay in those areas. My purpose and passion are closely connected and that’s why I enjoy writing about leadership. Let’s keep following God and our passions and blaze new trails(become guru’s our selfs:)

    1. Love that Dan! Blaze new trails and become gurus ourselves . That’s the stuff that gets me excited πŸ™‚ God doesn’t do clones either and I believe He desires we become trail blazers.

      Your focus on your blog is very very obvious. You flourish and shine! Some of us do need help once in a while, especially when navigating life’s curves! I am so passionate about relationships and it’s something I need to focus on more in my writing life. Thanks so much for reading and adding to the conversation. I always appreciate.

      1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about relationships. Keep writing great content!

  4. This is so widespread Ngina. We are living and writing what God has put on our hearts. A blogger friend of mine Lee Glass stopped blogging because he felt he was not blogging about what God called him to write about. He felt he was following the crowd. I felt him..I write from experience and in hopes to help change a life radically for Christ through business.

    1. I feel your friend Lincoln!There are days when i want to do other things all together..and then am reminded that writing is one of the ways He’s chosen to get His message out through me. So where He leads, I’ll follow. I love reading your personal experiences, plans and goals in the Christian businessmen world and life. I learn through stories and life application so I always appreciate your style. It’s alot like Kimanzi’s.

      1. Thanks Ngina, I appreciate the comments. Its exactly why I love reading your blog because you always put God first and you keep it real with everything that you do. Keep rocking, I’m loving the blog.

  5. Great stuff! I have been starting to narrow the focus of my blog. I really want to focus more on personal worship and such. All ways to “Amplify God’s Kingdom!”

    1. Thanks Brandon. I have discovered that “less is more” when it’s in the hands of God. That is a beautiful area to focus on, all of us need it. Amen to Amplifying His Kingdom!

  6. davejarnold16@gmail.com says:

    Great post! It’s so true: we write what God’s placed on
    our hearts and not just to write. Well said. Keep writing & sharing your
    passion. It’s needed!

    1. Thank you Dave. We are more effective that way too, right? Thank you for that encouragement. God bless!

  7. Ngina, I had the same concerns when I did my blogging series – it didn’t fit in with the theme of my blog, but I felt like God wanted me to write it. So I did.

    What I found out was that God wanted me to write the series for my own growth – not for everyone else – even though I think it’s been helping others as well.

    I had to work through those blogging issues so blogging wasn’t an idol in my life and I needed the input of other bloggers to figure out my problems – something I couldn’t have found in a local class as I don’t know any bloggers around here.

    I keep finding that it’s always best to do what God is calling me to do, even though it seems like it could be a mistake. He has blessed me through this series I’m writing in ways that are far more important than anything to do with writing success.

    I’m excited about your new direction though – and I would think most people that are into growth are also into relationships. And I’m really glad you’re including posts for single people even though I’m married because I think the church tends to ignore the single person.

    Also, thanks for the mention in your blog. I appreciate it!

    1. Barb, thank you.You have summed up everything so well. Am so blessed by your experiences. I feel that this is for my own growth as well – i have to work through ‘not good enough’ issues πŸ™‚ and trust Him with the content.

      I have mentored singles for years and I have a few singles posts in this blog. I am excited to explore and open my heart to what God may want to say through me. It’s true what you say, the church can get too family-focused. That was the case when I was single and i think things haven’t changed much.

      Thank you for your insights, i always appreciate. God bless

      1. Isn’t that funny – I would never have thought you had to work through “not good enough” issues because you’re such a great writer and you have great content – I guess we don’t always see ourselves the way others see us. Why is that, Ngina? Crazy!

        1. Lol, i don’t know! Maybe cos we might get all puffed up? lol. for me, I think just starting again from scratch in a new culture, people, country, continent shook me all up..more than expected! My old bag of tricks – when it comes to doing life – was rendered useless..and i felt lost! Thank God for God, for He never changes. That has been my biggest comfort.

          1. That’s interesting, Ngina – I bet it was (and is) a great growing experience. Where did you move from?

            1. We are from Kenya, eastern Africa. Came here (states) last year. Huge growing experience πŸ™‚

  8. Ngina, yes, I think God is asking me to refocus on him. I sometimes get distracted or get focused too much on things that have no heaven value in the end. I need to focus on the Kingdom of God first, and all other things will be added on to me.

    1. Am glad am not alone Juan :). So true that when we put Him first, everything else, (including what we were working for,) gets added to us. As we trust and obey, He expands our territory, the very things we are trusting Him to do, He does. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  9. I quit making the focus of building a platform on my site shortly after I started it. The others that God has placed in my life, like you, is a relatively small group, but it is enough. If God calls me beyond this, I’ll go, but I’ll focus on His will, not mine.

    The discuss box that everyone has went to doesn’t even have my info, at least I don’t think. As you know I’m not exactly technologically savvy!

    When you write from the heart and the heart is for God the words are worthy of reading and we’ll be drawn to it and learn from it by the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks for your honesty and heart… It’s what makes you great…

    1. Thank you Floyd. You sure got it early, right off the bat :). I truly enjoy your blog and am blessed to be part of your community.

      I don’t know if it’s just me (i don’t think) but i keep needing these reminders..i tend to wander alot. a whole lot.

      This has really blessed me “If God calls me beyond this, I’ll go, but I’ll focus on His will, not mine.”. Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

  10. God bless you and your ministry. I’ll read whatever God lays on your heart.
    As long as you put Him first, (matt 6:33) He will bless your efforts and you will have growth.

    I have a crazy combo blog and people seem to like it. I write on religion to current events and politics to book reviews and getting published. It’s a crazy mix but it works and I have fun.

    I know I was scared to start my Monday series on “The Cost of Discipleship” the posts are so long. But God directed me to do it and He has blessed it more than I could have imagined.

    I’ll be praying for you as you journey through blogging. God bless.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement TC. Funny thing, everything in your blog
      flows so naturally, I have never considered it a big combo. It’s so
      well-thought out! That’s what happens when we follow God, right? He
      makes everything fit. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your prayers and support. Really
      appreciate. God bless!

      1. Thanks, I appreciate the compliment, as you said though- it’s God!
        I can’t take any credit for my blog flowing. It’s all God!
        Have a blessed evening.

        1. Indeed it is! I like what you said in your interview at Ginger’s blog – paraphrased – All glory to God for everything good..while we take credit for everything not so good πŸ™‚
          Thanks and have a blessed evening too.

          1. I actually borrowed that from a writer friend of mine. When I heard him say it, it rang true and stuck with me!

  11. God is calling me to refocus on Him as the source and that His timing is best. In action this means, I stop the worrying, to be thankful for life and to take action in areas He is leading me. I love that you are refocusing on relationships as part of the core of your blog – it’s what brought me to this blog, keep doing it. Let’s all step out and not wait for everything to fall in place πŸ™‚ God bless you.

    1. Amen JepB, so glad He is moving in your life and you are taking steps to follow. I like that part of stopping to worry and being thankful. I have discovered that I can’t do both at the same time. πŸ™‚ Amen to stepping out!

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